Stock Your Freezer for the New Year

with Healthy, Wholesome Grass-Finished Lamb!

Order deadline Jan 3rd

If you've reached this page after the deadline please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the website. We will let you know once we start taking orders for wholes and halves again. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

    Whole Order | $6.95 per lb hanging weight   
    Estimate Order Total: $280- $350
    ($50 deposit required)

    Half Order | $7.40 per lb hanging weight
    Estimate Order Total: $140 - $185
    ($30 deposit required)

    Detailed information about "hanging weight" and pricing can be found here.


  • How Much Lamb Will I Get Back?
    A whole lamb typically yields about 23-30 lbs of finished cuts. And a half lamb will typically yield about 12-15 lbs of finished cuts. This is subject to change depending on which cuts are selected.


  • How Do I Order?
    Whole Lamb Order - Click here to customize your cuts and pay $50 deposit. 
    Half Lamb Order - Click here to customize your cuts and pay $30 deposit.


  • When Will My Order be Ready?
    All orders placed by December 1st will be ready by the end of December or early January.


  • Delivery
    We will deliver to the Bowie, Rockville, Crofton, Columbia and Frederick, MD areas at no charge. If you live outside of these locations, please contact us to discuss delivery options and order minimums. 


    Do you have questions about placing your order, pricing, or which cuts to choose? Please don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone.  240-367-9676



Woodsboro, Maryland USA


Beef - 100% Grassfed

Chicken - Non-GMO

Pork - Non GMO

Lamb - Non-GMO

Mutton - Non-GMO

Duck Eggs - From Organic Fed Flock

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