A couple notes about this recipe....

  • Your filet will not be perfectly round. Like the filet in the image below, just form it into a circle. Once you wrap the pieces of bacon around the steak, the toothpicks will secure it into it's shape.

  • After you remove the steak from the oven there is a chance the bacon will have crisped up and broken, leaving you with a not so perfectly round steak. This happened to one of the steaks we cooked.

    I would suggest cooking a couple extra pieces of bacon in case this happens so you can add those cooked pieces to the final setting.

  • Remember - these are grass-fed steaks and they tend to cook a bit faster than conventional steaks. Use a meat thermometer to check the steak at the 7 minute cooking mark. Remove approx 5 degrees prior to the final temperatures below, and let rest for 5 minutes as mentioned in the recipe above.

    Rare - 130 - 140 degrees
    Medium Rare - 145 degrees
    Medium - 160 degrees
    Well Done - 170 degrees




Woodsboro, Maryland USA


Beef - 100% Grassfed

Chicken - Non-GMO

Pork - Non GMO

Lamb - Non-GMO

Mutton - Non-GMO

Duck Eggs - From Organic Fed Flock

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