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Good Hope Farmstead

We are a family run farm in beautiful Frederick County MD.


We supply our local communities with flavorful, grass-fed and non-gmo meats that are raised using environmentally friendly farming practices. 

Our Story

When my parents bought the farm, we never started out with the intention of growing it beyond the small homestead they envisioned. All we wanted was to raise foods in a manner that was healthy for the animals, the environment, and for our family.  But life has a funny way of guiding you to places you never dreamed.  In those first couple years, we enjoyed farming so much and saw a need for foods raised in an environmentally friendly manner that we expanded just enough to supply ourselves and a local farmers market.


After that, we were hooked. We loved working on the land, we loved building relationships with our customers and we loved being able to do all that together as a family.  From that point we seriously considered this as a viable way to live.


Ok, maybe we've looked back a couple times. There have definitely been some challenges and farming is not easy. But we feel very lucky that everyone in the family has jumped into this venture with both feet. My brother moved to the farm 4 years ago and I moved here this past year. 

Here on the farmstead we raise Katahdin sheep, Hereford cattle, pigs, turkeys, chickens, ducks and honeybees.

"It is our intent to farm sustainably, keeping the well being of our animals and quality of the land at the forefront of our farm planning."  Margie Kreitzer

Everything we offer comes from

our farm and is raised by us. 

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Tis the season for giving local,

pasture raised & grass-fed meats!




Woodsboro, Maryland USA


Beef - 100% Grassfed

Chicken - Non-GMO

Pork - Non GMO

Lamb - Non-GMO

Mutton - Non-GMO

Duck Eggs - From Organic Fed Flock

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